Ultra High Quality Milled Putters

and Premium Wedges

Each Personal Edition putter is a carefully crafted combination of club making artistry and Computer Aided Design technology. Together this combination couples the most eye appealing appearance with the best possible balance for each design.

NEW Personal Edition Wedges.

Available since the Spring of 2010 these wedges are styled after finest shapes of all time. Made from hand crafted master models that took years to develop. These meticulously ground and polished wedges are tour department quality you just can't get off the shelf. Available in 52,54,56,58 and 60 degree lofts. (Grooves are 2010 tour ready.)



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I invite you to come in and look over my Personal Edition Putters, my best work after over 30 years of club development and design experience for some of golf's biggest companies and greatest players. Painstakingly designed, difficult to make, and hard to get, these putters are special in every sense of the word. I have cut no corners or spared any expense in the creation of these fine putting implements.

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