Refined Classic Shapes, Individually Formed Leading Edges,

Proven Sole Contours for all Around Performance



These ageless classic shapes are modeled after a collection of some of the most beautiful and sought after wedges of all time.

Tapered hosel blends that flow seemlessly into the leading edge. Open the blade and the lines sweep out along the blade in one continueous uninterrupted curve.

I have studied and collected wedges for over 30 years working with some of the finest club makers and greatest players along the way. Wedges are some of the most difficult clubs in the set to make well. Great attention to detail and an artist's eye are required.

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Each wedge is retouched on the grinding wheel to ensure the even symmetric leading edge look demanded by the world's best players.

This painstaking process is performed after the heads are finished and plated to insure the perfect final look and performance.

Whether rounded and "bellied" for the more lofted clubs or straighter with less curve in the stronger lofts, the symmerty of the leading edge is carefully formed.



The leading edge plays a criticle role in the performance of any wedge. It leads the club into the turf or sand and guides it through its journey. It must enable enough cutting power to to get through initial turf while not digging too much after entry. The leading edge likewise must handle different types and compaction of sand as well. In sand the leading edge must facilitate the shallow gliding of the club head through a layer of sand just under the surface but not dig too deep.

These properties are accomplished by forming the leading edge to just the proper shape and approximate radius.

Every leading edge is individually retouched before completion.


The front end is individually retouched by a master craftsman, on every head to ensure the desired leading edge curve and sole blend.

Critical is this shape and union of the leading edge and sole to the overall playability of the club. Along with the leading edge, the front of the sole enables the head to perform on many different turfs, surfaces and sands.

A combination that will cut and glide through the turf and sand.


Retouching Process Blends The Reformed Leading Edge Into Each Sole Individually

The truing of the leading edge and blending of the forward sole is visable on each head where the plating has been removed, but due to the superior propeties of the 431 stainless steel alloy, no rusting will occure.

Each loft has a unique sole shape coupled with appropiate bounce angle to maximize its performance envelope.

Stronger lofts have flatter, lower bounce angle soles, while the more lofted have slightly more camber radius. The camber radius, bounce angle and sole width are matched to work together for each loft.


Maximum Stopping Power from USGA Conforming Grooves

Get the spin and stopping power you deserve with these maximum width and cross section grooves that conform to the newest 2010 USGA rules. These grooves are tour and USGA competition ready.

The satin nickel chrome plated 431 stainless steel machined faces deliver long lasting wear resistant grooves that out last other softer materials and perform for years.

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