My putters usually begin life as a digital model constructed on a computer. I use very sophisticated modeling software that allows me to achieve both the perfect balance as well as the look I want the putter to have behind the ball.

The great precision of a digital model takes all the guess work out of locating the Center of Gravity, making the putter weigh the correct amount, and controlling a number of critical angles that effect putter performance.

Once the digital model is complete, it goes to a CNC (computer numeric control) milling machine which precisely duplicates the digital design in metal. Each and every one the same, perfect.

The putter heads are machined from a single block of soft carbon steel. In the case of a stainless steel model, the block is soft 303 stainless steel. The putters are usually positioned two to a block as shown in the picture to the left.

Machining the heads from a single piece of material insures the hardness and grain structure is consistent throughout the part. This process also makes sure that once the angles and harmonics of the head are set, nothing will change.

Long Barrel Straight Slant Neck

This unique neck is designed to make the putter feel more solid at contact and look clean at address. The elongated shaft socket allows the shaft more surface area to connect with the head, and thus transfers the solid feel of impact more directly to the hands with little or no extra vibration.

This neck design provides double the surface area connection of most putter hosels and it makes a difference you can feel. The straight slant design also provides a clean and pleasing view of the ball and putter head at address. This unobstructed look at the head allows the full use of the second unique feature of these fine putters, the sighting system.

Raised Center Sighting System

The sight line system although very clean and subtle is designed to aid the player with alignment under all lighting conditions. The dual outboard engraved lines function as traditional sight lines, however the raised center bar casts a small shadow into the cavity giving an additional alignment cue.

No matter where the sun is over the player's shoulder, the center bar casts a visible shadow which in some cases is more visible than the lines themselves. Although very difficult to machine into the parts, this feature is an alignment enhancement to an already classic clean style.



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