Prototype Oversize (Carbon Steel)

Hand Made Precision Oversized Prototype

Year made- 2005, , Number produced- 14, (not numbered)

These spectacular prototype designs are built around an oversized head design with a floating aluminum insert configuration. The insert sits flush with the face and is embedded in a polymer filled interior of this hollow putter head design. The insert does not touch the putter body and gives a unique feel at impact. This unique design is a patented creation of Plus 2 International.

The larger head increases the Moment of Inertia making the putter almost impossible to hit unsolid while the floating insert gives the ball a great roll. Needless to say these putters are extremely rare and are sure to become valuable collector’s items as time passes.

These particular heads are hand milled prototypes and are extremely difficult to construct. They are made with a variety of neck placements for experimental purposes. Each putter is cut from two blocks of soft, carbon steel, with head and neck welded together in precise alignment, intricately hand machined, engraved, and delicately hand finished. The finish is a satin glare resistant nickel.

Each putter has an integral“Long Barrel Straight Slant” neck providing a deeper shaft insertion, a better connection, and I think a more solid feel. It also gives the putter a distinguishing look at address, and the player a clean view of the ball.

These fine putters reflect the innovative skill and my continued passion for oversized putters that began with Jack Nicklaus' 1986 Masters victory with my Response oversized putter.



Oversized Prototype Putter Specifications

Back Design Style Classic Cavity Back Style
Head Material Milled Mild Carbon Steel
Finish Satin Nickel (low glare/non rust)
Neck/Hosel Type Long Barrel Straight Slant (welded separate piece)
Sight Line custom
Head Hanging Angle varies per prototype
Head Weight 330 - 380 grams, +/- 2
Loft 3 degrees
Lie 71 degrees
Offset Full Shaft, (0.370 in. )
Shaft True Temper, stepped, 0.370 tip
Grip Lamkin, deep etched paddle
Standard Length 35 in. (TBD)
Face Milled Aluminum Floating Insert Hitting Area
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