C202.5 Mallet Cavity


Year made- 2002, Revision No. 5, Number produced- 100 and numbered 1 through 100

The Mallet Cavity C202.5 was designed to give a wider reference and extended sight line length. The blade is shorter than the A, B, D or E models but much wider.The parallel milled cavity provides perfect alignment edges along with unmatched balance. The sound at impact is distinct among the Personal Edition line with muffled ring for instant feedback.

Each putter is machined from a single solid block of soft carbon steel which starts with a weight of approximately 11 pounds. This technique ensures continuous metallurgical grain flow throughout the head and neck and consistent harmonics from putter to putter.

The patented Long Barrel Straight Slant neck gives a clean view of the ball at address and provides improved feel by making a better connection between shaft and head. The extended socket provides a deeper shaft insertion, less vibration at impact, and super solid feel. The wider blade only inspires confidence.

The patented sighting system incorporates a positive raised center line, with twin outside lines for sure alignment under any lighting conditions. No matter the position of the sun, the raised center line casts a small helpful shadow for alignment aid.

A beautiful, Satin Nickel finish retards wear while resisting rust. This glare resistant finish looks as good as it feels and is virtually maintenance free.

Offset is ¾ shaft and the neck is positioned more into the heel of this model giving it a hanging angle of 42 degrees. Loft is set at 4 degrees. Models are machined from a single piece of soft carbon steel and nickel plated with a glare and corrosion resistant finish.


C202.5 Mallet Cavity Putter Specifications

Back Design Style Heel Toe, Mallet Cavity Style
Head Material One Piece Mild Carbon Steel
Finish Satin Nickel (low glare/non rust)
Neck/Hosel Type Long Barrel Straight Slant
Sight Line Raised Center, Double Outside
Head Hanging Angle 42 degrees
Head Weight 340grams, +/- 2
Loft 4 degrees
Lie 71 degrees
Offset 3/4 Shaft, (0.277 in. )
Shaft True Temper, stepped, 0.370 tip
Grip Lamkin, deep etched paddle
Standard Length 35 in.
Face Outlined, Cross Milled Hitting Area
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